Fundraising Tips & Tools

Get Your Fundraising Off to a Running Start!

Your commitment to participate in the Race to Beat Cancer 5K race in Washington, DC is the first step toward making a difference! It is an opportunity to be active and support Washington Cancer Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center with treatments, trials, and research to #BeatCancer.

Tips for getting the most out of your experience:

Step 1 – Establish a fundraising goal and a deadline for reaching that goal. Your goal can be an individual goal, a team goal, or a combination of both. This is an exciting way to challenge yourself and partake in friendly competition with other teams.

Step 2 – Make a list of everyone in your network (friends, family, co-workers, social circles, etc.). The number #1 reason people don't donate is because no one asks them – so, don't be shy!

Step 3 – Tell everyone in your network that you're participating in the Race to Beat Cancer 5K and give them some compelling reasons and options to support you

  • SHARE information about the event and why it is important to you!
  • SHARE stories, videos, stats, and photos from the event website so they know the impact 
  • GIVE them options to support you: Ask for a $25 donation, join your team, LIKE the Facebook page, sign-up for the newsletter, register to volunteer, become an in-kind donor or sponsor, etc.   

Step 4 – Say 'Thank You' and follow-up with people! We'll take care of acknowledging your donors with tax receipts, but a personal thank you from you goes a long way. Keep them up to date on your fundraising and training progress and let them know that their donation matters. 

Tap Into All Your Networks: 

  • Personalize your team page and share it through email and Facebook. Sending a link to your team page makes it easy for anyone to donate directly to the cause. This also allows donations to be made with a credit card and keeps money management simple for participants. Online donations are automatically added and tallied toward the goal.
  • Talk to friends, family and co-workers face to face and ask for a donation.
  • Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. Many companies will match donations made by employees. This is a way for companies to support charitable contributions, plus it is tax deductible.
  • Visit local businesses and ask for donations.
  • Ask local businesses if a donation jar and sign can be placed in the store.
  • Use social media to keep people up to date on your fundraising and training progress.
  • Host a fundraising event for your team by having a cookout, party, yard sale, or bake sale. This is the creative part. The possibilities are endless.
  • Be sure you thank every donor. If possible, send a handwritten note of appreciation.

Individual Fundraising Benchmarks*

In partnership with our sponsors, we’re excited to offer our top fundraisers these exciting recognition benchmarks:

  • Platinum Fundraiser – $1,000 Race to Beat Cancer 5K Sweatshirt 
  • Gold Fundraiser – $750 Race to Beat Cancer 5K Water Bottle
  • Silver Fundraiser – $500 Race to Beat Cancer 5K Phone Arm Band
  • Bronze Fundraiser – $250 Race to Beat Cancer 5K Bag

*To be eligible for these exciting benchmarks, all fundraising money must be received by September 1, 2017. This includes all offline donations.

Tools to Use: 

  • Use the Donation Form to manage cash or check donations. We need this form to issue tax recipents to any donations collected offline.
  • Read the monthly participant e-mails to get the latest event information and fundraising tips
  • Fundraising 101
  • 5K Training Guide

2015 Race to Beat Cancer 5K Photo 3